Who could ever deny the usefulness of high-quality training gloves?

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They are definitely a necessity in the gym. The use of hand protection accessories is strongly recommended during fitness classes and weight training. Fitness gloves are not only used by experienced athletes, but also recommended for beginners, as well.
POWERHAND® gloves are essential in helping to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Yet, for some athletes the need for protective gloves is overlooked. Unfortunately, what you can’t see can seriously harm your health.
Many species of bacteria (staphylococci) may be found on all the fitness equipment since bacteria are particularly fond of sports facilities and sports equipments.

women touching bench press bar infested of bacteria

Have you noticed all these glistening sweating bodies next to each other? Unfortunately, that environment provides the perfect breeding ground for germs.
Machines, bars, dumbbells and other fitness accessories and equipment consist of a wide range of inanimate objects that scientists call "contaminated areas" where microorganisms are hidden.
Your hands spend time grabbing, pushing and pulling these objects, providing an ideal vehicle for transporting the transmission of bacteria. Your hands constantly carry germs, therefore any slight superficial wounds or cracks in the skin that cause the repeated rubbing of weight training accessories may cause you to become infected or may cause you to contaminate someone else.

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"Most cold viruses and flu are spread by direct contact between two persons or through a contaminated object"says Barbara Hanson, professor of biology associated with Canisius College in Buffalo, New York.

Even with a strong commitment to cleanliness from the owner of your fitness facility, it is impossible to completely eliminate germs from the gym. We must, at one time or another, be responsible for our own safety. Actually, by employing just a little common sense (wear gloves during workouts); you can significantly reduce your risk of exposure.


1. Discomfort
2. Bad smells after regular use
3. Unsightly
4. Loss of fingers mobility

Training areas and gyms should be places where you expect to find assurance of proper hygiene. However, because of the warm, moist environment of a gym, microscopic pathogens such as bacteria and fungi often thrive. Therefore, you should be extremely careful about your own health and the health of other members at your favorite gym.

Your gloves should stay extremely comfortable for the duration of your training. Fitness gloves should not turn into a breeding ground for bacteria; such is the case with leather gloves, polyester, suede or fabric gloves which retain perspiration in the fibers. (Remember that leather and suede are nothing more than the skin of dead animals, and naturally contain bacteria.)
When using regular fitness gloves the high concentration of bacteria penetrates quickly into the fibers and the perspiration dries inside the conventional mesh fabrics. Eventually, these types of gloves lose their quality of comfort and hygiene.
When selecting a fitness glove, choose a material that does not absorb nor promote sweat retention and efficiently prevents the proliferation of bacteria on surfaces in contact with your hands.
The function of a high quality pair of bodybuilding and fitness gloves is to allow you to obtain a better grip on dumbbells, bars and handles on general weight training equipment. The thinness/density ratio of fitness gloves should be specifically designed to ensure a soft, but powerful dampening on your palms or knuckles. The damping material will prevent the development of calluses, sores and curing hands.
Quality gloves must be strong and durable over time, comfortable to wear, neither too thick, nor too rigid (for a good grip). They must be designed with perfect ventilation to avoid the feeling of heat and retention of perspiration.

That's why we invented POWERHAND AIR.

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