the powerhand group limited team

An international team from the United-States, Hong Kong and Europe, PGL (POWERHAND Group Limited) is exclusively comprised of athletes from the fitness industry.

To address its many competitors, the French founder of the POWERHAND® brand worked for several years with his partners and manufacturers to produce a high end protective glove. The founder believes POWERHAND® is so strong, that he offers a lifetime warranty!
Always concerned about the comfort and the quality of his sports accessories and concerned about every detail, the French founder of the POWERHAND® noted dissatisfaction in his employees and training partners regarding the lack of aesthetics, hygiene (leather, nubuck, neoprene are not washable) and short life span of fitness gloves distributed by prestigious brands.
Convinced that he could bring a new perspective and fresh ideas to the field of fitness gloves and its technology, the founder and his team embarked on the global fitness market with POWERHAND C (classic) in 2011 and the POWERHAND AIR (V2) in 2013. The new version is coming soon.
The POWERHAND® brand logo is unique. Our gloves were designed to protect the hands and fingers during strength training. Thus, our logo, represented by the star with five branches, mirrors the five fingers of the hand.
Everyone in the PGL (POWERHAND Group Limited) practices fitness activities for recreation or in competition. Our entire team appreciates the opportunity to develop, produce and market fitness gloves which meet the needs and requirements of our international customers.