technical specifications of powerhand air lifting glove

The purpose of POWERHAND is twofold: improve touch sensations during your workouts and offer you a pair of indestructible gloves. POWERHAND AIR offers much more than the usual advantages of weight training gloves.

powerhand air dark blue pairs on white background

POWERHAND® is a brand created in late 2011 in Paris (France) by a team of specialized athletes from the fitness industry (fitness, bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting), with up to twenty years of professional experience. The POWERHAND AIR collection was designed specifically for advanced athletes as well as beginners' level.

orange pair of powerhand air

The POWERHAND Air technology is made from flexible material which is extremely durable.
The POWERHAND elastomeric material alters its shape to reduce the pressure of heavy bars in your hands and then recovers its original shape after use. The uncluttered and airy design allows air to flow continuously into your hand the entire time of your workout.

pink powerhand air gloves

During heavy weight training and fitness, the gloves represent an essential element of safety and hygiene, often overlooked by the international sports community.
Very comfortable to wear, you can open and close your hands with ease. It is easy to place and move your fingers without any constraint. The insertion of the hand into the glove is extremely easy. As soon as the POWERHAND AIR wraps around your fingers, comfort is felt. POWERHAND AIR has no surface edge to contact with the your hands which adds to its comfort level.

purple pair of powerhand air gloves

powerhand is fully washable