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Whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert, always choose the most appropriate accessories for your sport.

Lifetime warranty, Fashionable Design, Flexible, Pure, Ventilated, Light weight, Soft texture, Waterproof, Incredibly comfortable, Efficient, Durable, Strong and High quality. So many characteristics fit POWERHAND AIR.

POWERHAND AIR with the "Soft Touch" texture stands out as the ultimate workout gloves for leisure, regular or intensive weight training and fitness.

What is the "Soft Touch" texture?
The "Soft Touch" is a very high end finish. It provides additional protection to the gloves against scratches and UV rays while offering a stylish design. It gives a soft-to-the-touch feeling against the skin and acts as protection, while providing a pleasant feel to the user. This finish gives a premium appearance to POWERHAND AIR.

Shredded gloves?! With POWERHAND®, it is now the past. To prove it, we provide a lifetime warranty on all POWERHAND AIR, simply by standard exchange.

The AIR POWERHAND training gloves are essential to ensure a good grip and stability of the bars and dumbbells. The AIR POWERHAND training gloves offer EXCELLENT hygiene and provide protection from blisters, calluses, sweating, etc.

POWERHAND® is the worldwide leader in the fitness industry providing training gloves for Fitness, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting and Powerlifting. Our POWERHAND AIR gloves, made of an extremely solid elastomer (Silicone) material, provide a protective glove for both men and women, with the most advanced design in its category.

The POWERHAND AIR gloves are thin, but extremely sturdy, remaining soft while in contact with the palm of your hand - thanks to its "Soft Touch" finish. POWERHAND AIR's unique design, allows the air to flow freely, enabling direct evaporation of perspiration into the air, which keeps your hands dry.

Even after intensive sessions, POWERHAND AIR requires only a simple water rinse to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and other germs.
POWERHAND AIR assures its users complete protection against all common hand conditions such as cracks, blisters, calluses, formation of dead skin on the palms and/or the inside of the fingers which often occur during the practice of bodybuilding.
Now available in a variety of bright colors - six neon colors for men and six neon colors for women. Our gloves are designed to protect your hands as well as offer style in your fitness workouts and strength training. The colors are directly injected and heated in the core material, which means there is no risk of colors bleeding onto your hands during intensive workouts.

The POWERHAND AIR color range expresses strong emotion and affirms the particular identity of the brand, completely connected to the new generation of ultra-trendy customers.

For bodybuilding and fitness workouts, it makes sense to invest in a premium and sustainable sports glove, designed to meet the needs of beginners as well as advanced level athletes. POWERHAND AIR provides natural damping and absorption of the pressure of heavy weight during weight lifting.

The stabilization of dumbbells, bars and machine handles will be noticeable and greatly appreciated by the POWERHAND AIR user, thanks to the feeling of extreme softness provided by the “Soft Touch” texture. The naturally elastic material allows unmatched resilience as the POWERHAND AIR resumes its original shape at rest.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or expert, always choose the right accessories for your sport.